ANSCHUTZ 1781 30-06 GERMAN RIFLE 22 INCH - SKU: 1781G3006

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ANSCHUTZ 1781 30-06 GERMAN RIFLE 22 INCH - SKU: 1781G3006

Product Description:

If you're in the market for a quality European centrefire rifle, take a look at the new 1781 from Anschutz. They've got a well-earned reputation for making the world's best rimfires and they've not disappointed with their new large calibre platform.

The generous stock proportions, palm swell and compact length produces a rifle that feels great in the hands and has superb balance. Great for snap shooting situations, and that goes hand in hand with the fast acquisition Euro style Hi-Vis sights. Running pigs, a snap shot at a deer - this rifle is made for fast action.

Significant refinements were made to the original Model 1780 rifle culminating in the new Model 1781.

Key refinements:

  • New firing pin safety
  • New muzzle diameter 0.67 inch
  • Bolt cocking force has been improved
  • Match trigger has been improved
  • New threaded steel bushing in the receiver for scope mounting


  • High strength lightweight alloy receiver
  • Super smooth bolt cycling
  • Anschutz Rust Protection System on all metallic parts
  • 6 Lug (2 rows of 3) bolt with 60 Degree bolt lift (gives large surface area)
  • Huge alloy bedding block and free floated barrel
  • Easy release 5 Shot detachable box magazine
  • Crisp adjustable trigger from 800g to 1400g (set to 1200g from the factory)
  • Fast acquisition fibre optic sights
  • Barrel length: 560mm (22")
  • Total weight = 6.8lbs (3.1kg )