Professional Shooter Training


Our aim is to facilitate regular learning and practice of fundamental firearms skills for handguns and rifles to compliment methodologies of various departments.

Our vision is to provide facilities and equipment for officers and defence members to practice their firearms skills in a positive and supportive adult learning environment individually or in groups.


3GT started as a project to enable service people the means to practise & further develop their firearm skills in a positive, relaxed and professional environment.

We have partnered with the Tactical Performance Center in Utah, USA – who have delivered training programs to many of the Police departments and Military squads across the USA – to make the Reactive Shooting cycle principles to Australian services personnel.


Our growing team is made up of ex-military (USA & AUS) and highly experienced civilians.

We’ve worked with many teams, including general duty Police, SWAT, Military units and contractors to refine & develop their skill sets and provide methods to enable intuitive, repeatable actions using muscle memory and bio-mechanics.


If there is not total satisfaction that your or your team have improved their skills and capabilities, we will refund 100% of course costs.


Whether we are training new recruits or inexperienced member for requalification, though to pre-deployment “tune-up” skills refinement for highly experienced operators, we guarantee improvements without modifying operational requirements or procedures.


We are also passionate about providing employment opportunities for skills Defence and Services personnel post discharge and is supporting various veterans charities (Legacy, Mates4Mates).


Please get in touch to discuss our programs or how we can tailor programs to your specific requirements.

  •  Email:
  • Phone: 1300 137 661
  • Address: Belmont, Qld 4153

Duration: 7 Days (3 Days of Handgun Mastery Program PLUS 2 Days of Carbine Mastery Program PLUS a 2-day Multi-gun competition).

Including: Handgun hire, AR 15 platform rifle hire, belt, holster, magazines, 1500 rounds of ammo (1000x9mm & 500x223)

Additional ammo will be available for sale at specially discounted rates.

Instructors: Hands-on training by World Champion IPSC & 3-gun, US Military & US Police firearms instructors.

*Excludes airfares to Las Vegas & accommodation in Utah.


You will love this Course if:

  • You've wondered about 3 Gun & Competition AR shooting but have not been able to access the equipment & facilities.
  • You want to rapidly improve fundamental shooting skills & become a much more accurate shooter. 
  • You have hit a performance plateau & are stuck.
  • You want an instruction & coaching system that is tailored to you.
  • Our instructors train many police, military (including SF), grand master & world champion competitive shooters to reach new levels of skill & capabilities.
  • Learn speed & accuracy from world champions in IPSC, steel challenge & 3 Gun.

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