Firearms License in NSW

Outlined below is the fastest way to obtain a firearms license in New South Wales for the following firearms (Category A and B):

  • Paintball Markers
  • Air Rifles
  • Rimfire Rifles
  • Centerfire Rifles
  • Shotguns

Step 1 - Request Application Form from NSW Firearms Registry (NSWFAR)

      Go to:

      If you are a sport/target shooter or hunter, ensure to select the following:

      Alternatively call the NSWFAR and request the form: 1300 362 562

      When Requesting forms via the phone be sure to ask for Categories A & B (Hunting & Target Shooting).

      DO NOT complete. Bring the blank forms and our staff will assist you. 


        Step 2 - Attend Firearms Safety Course

          These courses are held on demand at our store Monday - Friday between 10am & 5pm

          Cost of course is $130.00. Course consists of 20 Multiple choice questions.



            Step 3 - Join Shooting Club

              To satisfy NSWFAR genuine reason policy all Firearms owners are required to be members of an Approved Club.

              Here are a few clubs:


              Step 4 - Lodge Paperwork

                Once you have completed the course and have your club membership you will need to send this to the NSWFAR.


                  Step 5 - Waiting Period and Processing Time

                    Once the NSWFAR receives your paperwork it will take approximately 6 weeks (includes 28 mandatory waiting period) before you receive your Photographic Advice. Once you receive this you will be required to attend a NSW Roads & Maritime office for a photo and your licence to be issued.

                    A personal firearms licence is issued for 2 or 5 years.

                    • 2 year licence = $100
                    • 5 year licence = $200


                      Step 6 - Complete Permits to Aquire (PTA)

                        For every single firearm you wish to buy, you must complete a Permit to Aquire application. PTA forms are only available at your local firearms dealer.

                        PTA's can take up to 5 weeks for a first permit in A & B Category due to the waiting period of 28 days. Subsequent PTA's can be received in 7+ Days (Average about 14 Days)


                        For more information on the firearms application process, please click link below: